Thomas Tuchel has hinted at summer striker signings

Chelsea will be in the hunt for new forwards this summer.

The Blues will finish third in the Premier League this season but the side is still lacking a ruthless figure upfront.

Mason Mount is the leading goalscorer in Chelsea this term with 11 goals.

Although Chelsea is the third-highest goal scoring team in the league with 74 goals just behind Liverpool and Manchester City, the squad needs a cold-blooded striker in the summer.

“If we stick to the group then we will try to solve it with these players,” Tuchel told reporters. “Is it necessary to bring more offensive players around the box to create more distractions, to create more space for each other?

“We will ask that question. Can we do better in the structure? Can we push the players more? Did we rotate too much? Let’s see. There are a lot of options.

“The numbers we produce from our offensive players don’t allow us to over-perform and we need over-performance if we want to be nearer to the top two teams. I am not pointing fingers, I am not blaming anybody, but we need over-performance from everybody. It’s not over-performance if we have only single figures in scoring and assisting.”


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