Quiz: How Well Have You Followed Chelsea FC In The Premier League?

Quiz: How Well Have You Followed Chelsea FC In The Premier League?

Chelsea is one of the most popular and top teams in the Premier League. No wonder they have a fair bit of history attached to the Premier League. But the question is – do you know enough about Chelsea’s role in the Premier League? And we’re talking all seasons since it began and not just the current season. Let’s get started and see if you can ace this quiz!

(P.S. All answers are at the bottom of the page – so no cheating!)

Chelsea FC x Premier League Quiz

Q.1. How many times have Chelsea won the Premier league?

A. 6
B. 4
C. 7
D. 5

Q.2. How many goals have Chelsea scored in Premier League – all time? 

A. 1000
B. 1999
C. 1821
D. 1921

Q.3. Chelsea’s worst defeat in the Premier League was against which club? 

A. Against Liverpool
B. Against Manchester City
C. Against Manchester United
D. Against Arsenal

Q.4. In which season did Chelsea win the Premier League title for the first time? 

A. 2002/03
B. 2005/06
C. 2001/02
D. 2004/05

Q.5. Under which manager did the Blues win the most Premier League trophies? 

A. Jose Mourinho
B. Frank Lampard
C. Carlo Ancelotti
D. Maurizio Sarri

Q.6. What are the total number of Premier League matches Chelsea have played?

A. 2901
B. 1067
C. 1000
D. 2000

Q.7. How many red cards have Chelsea received across all games in Premier League? 

A. 78
B. 100
C. 101
D. 81

Q.8. Who’s the highest goalscorer in the Premier League 2019/20 season? 

A. Mason Mount
B. Callum Hudson-Odoi
C. Olivier Giroud
D. Tammy Abraham

Q.9. Who holds the record for the most goals in PL of all time? 

A. Didier Drogba
B. Eden Hazard
C. Frank Lampard
D. Bobby Tambling

Q.10. What are the total number of wins for Chelsea in Premier League? 

A. 700
B. 572
C. 772
D. 650

All done! Ready for the answers? Check out the answer key below and tally up your scores!

Answer Key

Ans 1. 5 (D)
Ans 2. 1,821 (C)
Ans 3. Against Manchester City – a 6-0 loss for the Blues! (B)
Ans 4. 2005/05 (D)
Ans 5. Jose Mourinho (A)
Ans 6. 1067 (B)
Ans 7. 78 (A)
Ans 8. Tammy Abraham (D)
Ans 9. Frank Lampard (C)
Ans 10. 572 (A)

Now. Time for the BIG SCORE REVEAL. Check out how much you scored on this quiz below:

1. If you’ve got more than 7 answers correct: Congratualtion! You’re a Chelsea x Premier League champ!
2. If you’ve got up to 6 answers correct: Almost there – you’re on your way to becoming a Chelsea x Premier League champ!
3. If you’ve got less than 4 answers correct: Don’t worry! Check out the links below to brush up your knowledge about Chelsea in the Premier League!


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