Willian decides what he will do if the season is extended beyond his contract termination date

The future of Chelsea star Willian has been an issue of debate all season.

However, the situation has escalated to a different level at the club right now with the development of the latest situations.

The spread of the CoVID-19 has brought football to a halt temporarily. It means that in all likelihood the season might be extended beyond its actual finishing date.

Willian whose contract is set to expire on June 30th, 2020 has now confirmed that he will remain loyal and committed to Chelsea if he has to represent the Blues beyond that legal date to finish the season. 

“And if I had to play on those dates, in these months, I think it would be no problem for me to end the league in a way which would be loyal to the club, as they always were with me. Regardless of a signed paper.”

“It’s clear that this is not a certainty, we don’t know what can happen. But without a doubt, as always, I will always be ready to give the best to my club regardless of my contract situation.”

Willian has been linked with a free scoop by Arsenal or Tottenham this summer if Chelsea fail to convince him to sign a new contract on their terms.

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  1. I support you mr Vincent+look at what debrune z doin at man city now+sala nt bad@chelsea team all what it needs is patience on the young playerz+and have confidence on them@


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