Paul Merson makes concerning admission on Chelsea takeover

Chelsea are taking time to find the right owner for the club.

The club’s short-term and long-term future remains uncertain even though the government has given Chelsea a special sporting license to operate.

The license expires this month and a takeover is going to happen soon.

Former Arsenal player Paul Merson is concerned about Chelsea’s future in the Premier League.

He said: “They’ve [Chelsea] got to sell the club before they do anything else. Until they sell the club, they can’t bring anyone in. If you went and bought a house for £300,000 tomorrow it would take three months, now we’re talking about £4bn. It’s not going to be done quickly – it’s worrying really.

“It needs to be done before the end of the season or they’re in danger of getting left behind. They’ve got to bring players in, they’re behind Man City and Liverpool, we’ve seen that. They’ll want to bring players in and offload players.”


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