Luiz inspires team to be ready and talks about past glories

“To understand we have to be ready for every single moment. Bad moments can arrive, emotional moments can arrive, hard moments can arrive, and we have to be ready for that. To win a tournament is not just flowers. I have learned a lot in my career, and football is nice because there is always something new, and you also have to be ready for that!”

He also spoke about Chelsea’s famous Champions League win against Barcelona in 2011-12 season. He said, ‘I was so frustrated. I wanted to play these big games against one of the best teams ever. I was trying to do everything to be with my team-mates and support them. In the second leg [in Camp Nou], I was upstairs in the middle of their fans.’

‘When I saw that I thought we were going to qualify. They had more than 50 opportunities to create goals, and then nothing was coming, nothing was coming.

‘I think that game also had help from the Napoli game. The mentality. “Let’s still think everything is possible”. It was not a team that gave up. It was a team that said: “Let’s fight. It’s going to be difficult, it’s going to be crazy, they are going to shoot on goal 20 times, but Petr Cech will save it.”

‘The cherry on top of the cake was when Torres scored. I was upstairs, it was 2-1, we were qualifying. Three minutes before the end, I went down in the lift. In the lift I heard a big cheer, and thought they had scored. In the lift one scream made a big noise. “Oh no!”

‘But when I opened the lift, I saw one of the physios shouting. “Torres has scored!” Oh my god, it was a great night. I was running across the pitch even though I was injured!’

Luiz is now one of the leaders at the club and could lead the Blues to an European trophy this season.

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