Ian Maatsen has rejected several lucrative offers to renew his contract at Chelsea

Ian Maatsen, a left-back for Chelsea, reportedly declined three contract extensions from the Blues over the summer

One of those deals, according to The Athletic, was extremely long-term and would have lasted for six years with the possibility of another year. However, it appears that an agreement has not yet been reached.

It is made clear in the report that this does not necessarily signal that Maatsen will be looking to leave Chelsea; rather, it merely indicates that things have not fully come together between him and the team as of yet.

Although there is stiff competition for positions at a major club like Chelsea, Maatsen appears to be a bright young talent after excelling while on loan at Burnley last season and aiding them in winning promotion to the Premier League.

The 21-year-old may have a respectable career ahead of him, but it’s unclear whether Chelsea will finally sign him to a long-term contract or if he’ll have to establish himself elsewhere.

Burnley and other top-tier clubs would probably welcome Maatsen’s return if he were to leave soon.

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