Chelsea structure payment for Havertz chase

Chelsea have taken a bold step in signing Kai Havertz from Germany.

The Blues are extremely keen on young Havertz and want to sign a deal with the German youngster. However, his current club Bayer Leverkusen are keen on holding Havertz to a deal that will see him stay at Germany. 

So Chelsea, like other suitors will have to find a way to pay up the £90m to Leverkusen. While other clubs like United and Liverpool seemingly do not have the luxury to spend so much money on Havertz, Chelsea might have found a way to crack the deal.

It is being reported that for starters, Marina is trying to bring down the price by £20m and on top of that include the £70-80m with bonus clauses. 

Furthermore, taking a leaf out of Arsenal’s book for their transfer of Nicolas Pepe, Chelsea want to structure the Havertz deal with a payment of £15-£20m per year for the next five years. 

It is not known yet whether Leverkusen will agree to this deal or Liverpool and other club might not want to jump back in with this payment structure, but one thing is for sure – Chelsea are seriously in for Havertz and they want him to line up next to new boys in Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech at the Bridge next season. 

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