Andy Robertson Backs Chelsea's Big Summer Spending

Liverpool fullback Andy Robertson has commented on Chelsea’s big spending spree this transfer window.

To the 26 year old, it doesn’t really matter to him because it’s only that Chelsea’s spent that much due to their transfer ban last season.

Instead, Robertson has faith in his squad to beat Chelsea in the upcoming fixture.

“I think the thing to remember with Chelsea spending the big money is they had the transfer ban so did not spend anything for 18 months or so,” Robertson said.

“And they sold Eden Hazard for a big amount of money (to Real Madrid). You knew once the transfer ban went Chelsea would have another go.

“They have wealthy owners and have spent a lot of money so fair play to them. They saw where they wanted to improve to have a stronger squad to compete on all fronts.

“Fair play to them. You can surround yourself with how other clubs are run and how other clubs are doing business but at the end of the day it does not matter what other clubs are doing if we are just focused on Liverpool.

“If we take care of what we are doing on the pitch and keep producing the results and everything that goes with it, that’s all that matters.”

On Liverpool’s squad, the Scot added: “Maybe over the years Liverpool fans would have been desperate for a squad like that – one that can compete for trophies year in and year out and we have done it for three years.

“Now it is about doing it for many more years. Whether we fall short or whether we win is yet to be seen, but we will give 100 percent effort with 100 percent quality. Now it is up to us to do it again.”

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