Andreas Christensen On How He Almost Quit Football

Andreas Christensen are among an entire community of footballers who switched positions later in their career.

The Danish defender originally wanted to be a striker but did not see a clear path to the top as a youngster.

He wrote for, “I started as a striker, dribbling a lot, doing all the tricks and scoring goals. Then I went onto midfield, where I was on the ball a lot and you had to be a good technical player. So when I became a defender, I would still drive the ball up to midfield.

“My Dad ended up coaching me again in the Brøndby Under-14s or Under-15s, and I had a few other coaches, but I remember two in particular: Nils Nielsen and John Ranum. Those two had a big impact on what I was doing.

“The first one took me as a midfielder, and he put me at centre-back. He said he could see me going far in this position and that meant a lot, because without that I wouldn’t be where I am today. Then the other one had a way of coaching that was great for me personally. So those two – and my Dad as well – gave me a lot to be thankful for.

“It wasn’t always easy for me at that age, though. I was almost thrown into the second team the year after my Dad coached me because I didn’t perform. It must have been Under-15s. I had a bad year or so and you wonder to yourself, ‘Do I actually want to continue doing this?’

“It’s just that moment when it goes badly and you think, ‘Is it even worth it?’

“But then you have a great game and suddenly you’re starting again, and it all goes quickly the other way.

“That was about two-and-a-half years before I joined Chelsea, but at that time I never thought that far ahead. I just thought I had to play football.”

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