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5 Players Chelsea must sell

5 Players Chelsea must sell

A lot has been made of Chelsea being unable to sign players this summer.

The Blues were slammed with a transfer ban this summer which will see them banned from signing players next year January as well. The ban will only lift next year which means Chelsea will have to do with what they have right now.

While it can be accepted, that the Blues squad is low on quality, there is a much bigger problem to solve, the size of the squad.

Despite having a ban, Chelsea had plenty to choose from as no less than 38 players were due to return from loan this summer to a squad which already had 26 players registered. That made it a total of 64 players, roughly four match day squads to choose from for Chelsea.

Despite this, Chelsea do not have the quality to start a quality striker or a world class winger. Yes, this must mean that the transfer strategies have gone horribly wrong and before Chelsea buy next, they must sell, sell all they can to lighten that ridiculously big squad size. It would not only make the job of the manager and the coaching staff easy to track less players but better but it also would help the Blues board cut down on some expensive wages.

Here are five players who do not add anything to the club and Chelsea must sell:

  1. Tiemoue Bakayoko

The Frenchman was a classic sign of how Chelsea’s youth policy system is flawed and has no basic science behind it. Chelsea harp and harp about wanting young players to develop football but all that is just another word used by the board to increase the longevity of their assets in terms of business.

Just hear out the Bakayoko story and you can make up your own mind. Chelsea had a good solid defensive midfield player in Nemanja Matic. The Serbian was a solid player who had his flaws like other average players but was good enough to play for at least 3 more seasons for Chelsea. He was nearing his thirties however which was all Chelsea could see.

Chelsea knew that their asset Matic had served its purpose and it was time to dispose of him. Instead they were being offered the then Ligue 1 Champion’s dynamic defensive midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko. Bakayoko was an unproven talent who had only impressed in a handful of matches in France. However, because Bakayoko was young, Chelsea wasted no time in signing him and shipped off Matic.

The deal worsened for the Blues as then Chelsea boss Antonio Conte openly criticized Chelsea’s decision to sell Matic to a direct rival in Manchester United. However, all the Blues could see that was they had suffered zero losses in the Matic deal and bought themselves a player six years younger in the process. Chelsea’s plan fell on their face as their asset Bakayoko failed to provide even one match of good service.

Since then, the player has shown that he is not ready for Chelsea’s standard of football, has been loaned out to AC Milan who did not want him back this season. This season, despite trying all summer Chelsea has been unable to sell their “young replacement”
of Matic. Bakayoko continues to train with the squad and eat a large share of the wage bill while Matic still starts for United.

Good business, gentleman. Maybe resign from the board in shame now?

2. Marcos Alonso

The left back may have been hot stuff under Antonio Conte in his first season but since then has waned considerably. His lack of pace and defensvei frailty has been found. He is not the fastest player on the pitch which is criminal for a full back in the Premier League. Chelsea need a top defender in that left back and Alonso must make way.

3. Pedro

The former Barcelona man blows hot and cold. More often than not he is cold and barring a few exceptional goals, he loses the ball too many times in big matches. He offers too less for a senior winger in the team and Lampard’s young team needs more dynamism up front.

4. Danny Drinkwater

The former Leicester man had a flop move to Chelsea. From playing little under Conte to not playing under Sarri and now being loaned out by Lampard, he is just not the right fit for the Blues. He has a huge wage bill on him and Chelsea must find a way to off load him.

5. Davide Zappacosta

Another pointless signing made by the Blues as Zappacosta is very limited player. He can only and only play as a wing back, not even a full back; that too not a good wing back. To cost as much as he did is not good value for Chelsea in this market. He rarely even makes the squad these days and Chelsea can do without him.


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