Tips to Get Better at Betting on Football

Want to improve your football betting skills and place more successful bets? Follow the tips below and experience what it’s like to be a pro football bettor.

As a Chelsea fan, you probably spend a lot of time watching Premier League and Champions League football. On top of this, like most other Chelsea fans, you’ll be placing bets on the action. After all, sports betting is more popular than ever and has become a huge trend amongst Premier League supporters — particularly those who are fans of big clubs like Chelsea.

At the moment, everything is looking pretty good for Chelsea. They have a new owner in Tod Boehly, a new manager in Mauricio Pochettino, and (to top everything off) an incredibly exciting squad that’s filled with young talent. Naturally, this makes Chelsea an appealing team to bet on.

Whether you want to place bets on Chelsea or other football teams from around the world, these tips will help you to get better.

Always Check Player and Team Form

Before you bet on any player or team, make sure to check their form using a football statistics site.

Let’s say that Chelsea is playing Manchester United on a Saturday. Before the match starts, Raheem Sterling has 2/1 odds of scoring. Prior to this, if Raheem Sterling had been on a red-hot goalscoring streak, then these odds would be insanely attractive. If you were to bet £100 on Sterling to score (and he did), you’d make a £200 profit.

Practice with Online Casino Games

Some football supporters find football betting a little too intense at first. When you’ve put a bet on and are watching the game live or on TV, it can give you sweaty palms, especially if you’re an inexperienced bettor. Thankfully, though, you can ease the pressure by practicing with online casino games, which are more fun and involve significantly less pressure.

You can play casino games online using sites like JackpotCity Casino. It’s free to join here, and there are lots of different casino games to play, as well as football-themed online slot games, including Football Star and Football Star Deluxe. Once you start to play online slot games like this, you’ll master your gambling skills and will automatically become better (and more comfortable) with betting on football matches.

Take Advantage of Welcome Bonuses and Special Offers

Most sports betting apps and sites have welcome bonuses and special offers that are spread throughout the year. As a football bettor, it’s a good idea to take advantage of them so that you can (in some cases) get free bets — and who doesn’t love some free bets? Essentially, there’s nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

For example, let’s say that you find an online sports betting site that offers a welcome bonus of up to £500. Essentially, what this means is that you can deposit any amount of money up to £500 (e.g., £300) and have it doubled for free (which would mean you get an extra £300 to place bets with). The free money you get can then be used to play bets on Chelsea matches and other Premier League fixtures throughout the weekend.

Stay Impartial

Finally, try and stay impartial when placing football bets. Even if you’re a diehard Chelsea fan, don’t always bet on them to win. Instead, look at games impartially so that you can place logical bets with good reasoning behind them. You could try betting on matches when Chelsea isn’t playing to practice making decisions where your emotions aren’t involved.

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