Rudiger- Chelsea can get top 4

Antonio Rudiger has expressed enough confidence in Chelsea that they can get into top 4.

“It depends on us,” Rudiger told Chelsea’s website. “We still have a lot of games to play and also against direct opponents so the battle is still in our own hands.

“What the coach has brought is his way of playing, detailed work and the defensive shape is very good at the moment.

“Our aim is to arrive in the top four. We don’t need to look at Man City at this moment because they are far ahead but with the top four, everything is open.”

He also said, “The way we set up has been good and we always try to play from the back. Things have been going good but there’s a long way to go and we have to keep improving.”

His thoughts has been echoed by Hasselbaink.

Speaking to the Sky Sports studio, club hero Hasselbaink said: “I’m more convinced that Chelsea will make it because at the moment, they don’t get any goals against and that’s a big thing.

“They only need to score one goal to win matches, they’re not getting counter-attacked that much.

“Also, they’re not getting goals against in set pieces so in that aspect its good.

“Against Manchester United they got the best chance in the game and I still believe Chelsea will be in the top four.”

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