Roman Abramovich labelled as 'one of the worst things to happen in English football' m

Roman Abramovich is parting ways with Chelsea and wants £3billion for it.

The Russian businessman bought the club for just £140million in 2003 and since then the Blues have won 21 trophies including five Premier League titles and two Champions League trophies.

Many fans have credited the billionaire for the success of the club.

Pundit Simon Jordan believes with Roman’s presence he changed the landscape of English football since his arrival.

“People were attributing last week the evolution of the Premier League to people like Roman Abramovich,” Jordan told talkSPORT.

“With due respect – with the exception of Chelsea – Roman Abramovich was one of the worst things that could’ve happened to English football.

“We were on a direction of travel that was already upwards. Our Premier League was already flying, we already had the broadcasters throwing money at us – hand over fist.

“What you did was you created hyperinflation. You might have broken up the duopoly, you might have stopped the powerhouses that were [Manchester] United and Arsenal for a period of time.

“But that was going to happen anyway because ownership models were changing anyway.

“What you did was you changed the landscape by making football so financially unviable for your own reasons.”


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  1. Before Roman Abramovitch our last league title was in 1954.
    We were not the Barcelona football club of the premier with its ups and downs and Abramovitch lifted us higher. It’s more or less like someone taking now the leadership of Crystal Palace and making them world champions.
    For the new owner it will not be the same sort of Herculian task.
    As for the political issue it was not of his making, he did not play any role in it and as the code of ethics dictates he offered his resignation.


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