Nicolas Jackson called a 'League Two' striker by Arsenal legend

Mauricio Pochettino, manager of Chelsea FC, recently stood by striker Nicolas Jackson despite criticism from fans following the team’s 2-0 home defeat to Brentford.

Jackson, who has struggled to find his form since joining Villarreal in the summer, was criticized by fans during the game, with one asking him to “wake up” after a poor first-half effort.

“We cannot abuse, even if you say ‘wake up’, because I think it’s not right,” Pochettino told a press conference on Tuesday.

“He suffered an injury (to his hand during the last international break), it’s difficult to train, to keep fit and to score goals.

Pochettino spoke out in favour of Jackson ahead of Chelsea’s last-16 Carabao Cup match against Blackburn, pointing out the need of building confidence in the young attacker. Despite the team’s recent troubles, Pochettino showed the need of improving Jackson’s morale and supporting the player during this difficult period.

Mauricio Pochettino on Nicolas Jackson, “Nico (Jackson) needs support.

“He wants to help the team and for different reasons he’s not performing. He played with a cast after he broke his hand.

“Fans can criticise us and they’re frustrated but they need to analyse the situation.

“Jackson is young, he arrived this season and there are circumstances that didn’t help him perform his best.

“You think we should throw him into the bin and say he’s useless? We have to give the confidence.

“He’s our striker, he’s our player and it’s about supporting the player.”

The Blues’ struggle to convert goal-scoring opportunities has been an ongoing concern, resulting in their third home defeat of the season. Pochettino showed a wish for the team, particularly the younger players, to take on a more aggressive and unwavering approach, suggesting that such traits would emerge over time as the squad gained experience.

Pochettino’s focus on the importance of support and confidence in Jackson shows the manager’s dedication to developing the player’s ability while also addressing the larger difficulties Chelsea faces in front of goal.

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