Mudryk impresses inspite of a terrible team performance by Chelsea

Chelsea recently suffered a home loss to Brighton (this is no longer shocking), and the entire team played poorly

Only one player comes to mind who actually left the game with a better reputation. Kepa made some excellent stops, while Conor Gallagher worked hard and created some chances, but only Mykhailo Mudryk can state with certainty that his prospects of receiving future starts have increased.

The Ukrainian international, who hasn’t received much faith since his January arrival, played the full 90 minutes tonight while putting up a strong defensive effort and producing more chances than most of his colleagues.

He contributed to Gallagher’s goal by providing the assist, and he generally left Stamford Bridge impressed with his talent and hard ethic.

He might have influenced Frank Lampard’s plans for Tuesday night’s home game against Real Madrid, when we’re hoping to pull off an improbable comeback. He has a solid future, which is more than you can say for the majority of his coworkers.

Mudryk joined in January and has now recorded two assists. Not a huge impact, but a respectable result for a player who hasn’t played in many 90-minute games.

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