Former Chelsea star furious with Sarri over Callum Hudson-Odoi

Glen Hoddle has expressed his disappointment in Maurizio Sarri for not selecting Callum Hudson-Odoi in the starting line-up for yesterday’s match.

“First of all he’s got to get the chance to go in there and get the experience under his belt,” Hoddle said. “I’m very disappointed, I expected him to be playing today, I must say. You know what Pedro can do, you know what Willian can do. He’s got to be given a chance, he’s got a talent.”

“We don’t know where he can do, we don’t know how good he is. He hasn’t been tested against the top teams. I’ve not seen him tear Man City apart or go into Europe and tear people apart. He’s got immense talent, he looks the part, but he needs the time to play.”

“He needs to get out there and play. He hasn’t played enough. The amount of time he’s had on the pitch [equates to] eight-and-a-half games [this season]. They’re talking about selling him for £40million – he’s not proven anything yet. Eight-and-a-half games is nothing.”

“But it’s up to him to get them out of the team. He’s only going to do that if he’s given a chance to play consistently. There’s not really a career started yet. It’s where he’ll be in five years time. Will he be far better than Willian? Will he be far better than Pedro? Probably, if he’s given the chance.”

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