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Top 5 Chelsea players with the most tackles in 2018/19

Who are the Chelsea players with the most tackles? Which Chelsea players have made the most tackles? Which Chelsea players made the most tackles per-game? Best Chelsea tacklers? Well we are going to take a look at the stats and bring you the Top Five Chelsea players with the most tackles per-game in 2018/19.

Some of the best Chelsea players this season have been the defenders this season. Despite conceding a few goals, the much changed backline has adapted really well to the new style of defending without much support from the rest of the team. It’s attacking where we have the most problems at the moment. We can’t score consistently. New Chelsea striker Gonzalo Higuain is still adjusting and Chelsea are fighting for a top four finish. So we will look at the best Chelsea tacklers in 2018/19. Players like David Luiz, Antonio Rudiger and Cesar Azpilicueta have all been excellent defensively for Chelsea. But are they in the Chelsea players with the most tackles list? Read on to find out.

I’m sure a lot of you will be thinking of one particular player when you think of Chelsea players who tackle a lot. And yes, N’Golo Kante is on this list. But which other Chelsea players have tackled a lot in 2018/19? Well read on below for the best Chelsea defensive stats.

Top Five Chelsea players who made the most tackles in 2018/19

1. Cesar Azpilicueta – 75 tackles – Chelsea players with the most tackles in 2018/19.

Chelsea player most tackles

He has been our captain this season and is one of the best players once again. Although the club captain is Gary Cahill, the England international has been sidelined for the majority of the season thus giving Azpi the captain’s role on the pitch. He is now playing once again as a right back and has done brilliantly well.

2-tied. Marcos Alonso – 57 tackles

Marcos Alonso has been out of form for the most part of the season. The left wing back has had to adjust to a change in formation with a four man back. He has played as a left back this season and it is clear he has been exposed in the backline with no one to cover for him at the back.

His attacking prowess has also weakened and the Spaniard has dropped his standards resulting in him losing his spot in the first team. He has been replaced by Emerson Palmieri who has done really well. However, stats will still show that Alonso has been one of the better tacklers for the Blues this season. He stands tied on the second spot for the most tackles this season.

2-tied. N’Golo Kante – 57 tackles

Kante Chelsea tackles 2018-19

Yes, he is still on that list. For much of the criticism he has faced from pundits for playing in a new position, this is perhaps the biggest evident that he is still playing the best game. He has been moved from his natural centre defensive midfield position due to the arrival of new boss Maurizio Sarri and his general Jorginho.

The new system has seen Jorginho play deep and make the play for Chelsea from the back. It has forced N’Golo Kante to push up and play in a new role which has seen him make more forward runs. It has seen him score more goals but that has not taken away his ability to intercept and win the ball back for Chelsea.

Despite playing in that advanced position, he has still made the joint second most number of tackles for the team and has been a revelation in the new high press system of Maurizio Sarri.

3. Jorginho – 54 tackles

jorginho chelsea tackles

The new Chelsea boy has come under immense criticism this season. He has been hammered by Chelsea fans for his lack of assists or his inability to defend.

One must not forget that this player is new to the English league, he is playing a crucial position in a team who are going through a transition after more than a decade. He has done well to suit and tailor his new role so that he can thrive in years to come.

It is important to remember that the player is not in the team to make assists. His job is to play as a regista and create the game from the back allowing his Chelsea teammates to run forward to create attacking play.

4. Antonio Rudiger – 33 tackles

chelsea tackles rudiger

The German stands at number four on the tackles list. He has made a really big impression on Sarri this season. He has shown his extremely impressive ball distribution skills. He alongside Luiz has done really well to play out from the back.

However, with the team still adjusting to the high-line, Rudiger has had to cover for his teammates left open space a number of times.

5. Mateo Kovacic – 32 tackles

The on-loan Chelsea star has notched up a high number of tackles and has had an impressive debut season in England. However, with the transfer ban approaching for Chelsea, he might have to go back to the Spanish capital.

He has made an impressive impact having played in multiple positions for the club. He has also been asked to play in the Jorginho role since the summer as Fabregas left the club for AS Monaco.

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