Thiago Silva has no plans to disclose his feelings over his Chelsea future

Chelsea’s future defense: 16-Year-Old Pau Cubarsi on the radar

Chelsea is apparently eyeing a promising young talent, Pau Cubarsi, a 16-year-old center-back from Barcelona, in an investment aimed at protecting the future of their defense. This signing might lead the way for Thiago Silva, who, though a legend in the game, cannot play forever.

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has shown his willingness to allow Thiago Silva depart for free when his contract expires at the end of the season. Pochettino’s tactics revolves around team development, with a particular focus on promoting junior players.

Young English defender Levi Colwill has been collecting up essential guidance from veteran Thiago Silva. Meanwhile, Chelsea appears ready to explore the potential of Pau Cubarsi, an intriguing young player with a bright future.

Chelsea is reportedly considering a move for the 16-year-old Spanish sensation, whose release clause is worth between £8.5 million and £13 million. This heavy release clause shows Barcelona’s belief in Cubarsi’s potential, which speaks volumes considering Barcelona’s track record in nurturing world-class young talent.

If Chelsea sign Pau Cubarsi, it will be a big investment in the future, with the aim of continuing the heritage of rock-solid defenders that Silva has contributed to throughout his great career. Chelsea’s defense may be on the edge of transitioning from legend to future star.

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