What is going wrong for Frank at Chelsea?

When the season started, Chelsea were all but written off for even top 6.

Transfer ban, inexperienced squad, novice manager, Hazard gone – Chelsea’s worst state in the last 15 years. Lampard stepped up with the same coldness he had on his face during the numerous penalties he took for the club and much like from the spot, even from the dugout, he has slotted it home for the first four months despite the odd defeats.

However, over the last two months, further injuries, player fatigues and limited resources have seen Lampard’s men slump down to collect 15 points in 13 games. What is going wrong?

As a Chelsea fan, this is what I feel. 

The pressure to make top 4 is actually going to make it more difficult for these kids. They should be just sent out to play the good one touch and free flowing stuff without over emphasizing on results.

I think we’re digging our own graves by hammering it into the players to play good and deliver results. They’ve been told for 6 months to play to a style. Now suddenly we can’t expect them to switch modes like top pros. It’ll take time for this team.

What do you think?

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