Chelsea FC most expensive player: Enzo Fernandez

Enzo Fernandez admits unfulfilled potential at Chelsea

Enzo Fernandez, the Argentine midfielder, believes he has yet to reach his full potential since moving to Chelsea more than a year ago.

Considering his spectacular World Cup success with Argentina and a high price tag, Fernandez is facing criticism, especially from the media and a faction of Chelsea fans.

Fernandez accepts the scrutiny and hints at a compromise with his critics, saying there is room for improvement.

‘I’m trying to get there, to the version of me that you saw at the World Cup,’ Enzo explains via the Chelsea website today. ‘I want to feel like that Enzo, that was playing at the World Cup. I want to get back there

‘I feel good, getting better each day, but I still don’t feel like I’m at 100 per cent. I’m still adapting and still don’t feel entirely myself, but I’m trying to get there as quickly as possible and working hard every day in order to do so.

‘It won’t be easy because the World Cup has been and gone, and I’m still growing as a player and developing my skills, but I’m looking for that Enzo. I want to feel completely myself again.

‘The first six months were difficult for me. I found it hard to adapt but now I feel so much more prepared than at the start. But I’m enjoying it so much.

‘Maybe personally I’m still not 100 per cent and don’t feel like I’ve shown my potential, but beyond that I love being at a club as big as Chelsea, enjoying the Premier League every weekend with the fans that are so passionate. I love being here.’

His outstanding exploits during Argentina’s World Cup victory portrayed him as a player with enormous potential, boosting expectations further following his high-profile move to Chelsea.

However, in light of Chelsea’s overall underperformance, Fernandez’s troubles appear to be part of a wider collective issue. He has also struggled to establish a steady rhythm due to the club’s many managerial changes.

As Fernandez continues to manage the challenges of English football, the spotlight is on him to justify his high price and demonstrate the abilities that made him such a valuable asset.

Fernandez is determined to silence his critics and meet the huge expectations placed on him at Stamford Bridge.

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