Zouma shares an inspiring Mourinho story

Jose Mourinho, according to many is a washed up manager these days.

However, one man who remembers him fondly still is Kurt Zouma. Regardless of how Jose’s Chelsea tenure ended, the Portuguese tactician left a legacy of success at Chelsea and lies deep in the heart of some players; Kurt Zouma one of them.

The French defender has now shared a very inspiring Jose story.

“I cannot remember which match we were playing, we were losing 3-1, away from home,” Zouma told  RMC Sport

“The following day, he [Mourinho] catches up with me, he takes me to his office, and he asks me if I am ok. I said yes, he asked me if I was sure. 

“I said yes again, he replied ‘Because you were rubbish this weekend.’ Like that, direct. It shocked me, but it made me want to immediately respond on the pitch. 

“I remember that it hurt me, that it affected me. But I really wanted to show him that I could react.”

Jose did always use a cut-throat way to get the best out of his players and separate the men from the boys. However, football it would now seem has moved forward. So what next for Mourinho?

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