Zola reveals rifts between Hazard, Willian vs Sarri

The tenure of Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea started with a lot of promise. 

However, rigorous training and complex playing methods soon resulted in the players not only losing interest but also confidence in the manager. Although the Italian ended a successful campaign with Chelsea finishing third and winning the Europa League, Sarri had already exhausted his fuel at the club. 

Many players were unhappy with the Italian’s man-management skills but now Zola, his former assistant coach at Chelsea has also revealed how creative players like Hazard and Willian were completely bored with Sarri’s training regime. 

“They were talented players, like Hazard and Willian, players who know how to win games on their own, but they were suffering from the type of exercises and type of training we were doing – but it was necessary for the others.

“I’ll be honest, they were brilliant because they got bored, but they kept doing it throughout and that was the reason why when everyone was dropping we were going up towards the end.”

“At the beginning, the players were very much behind everything that we were saying, they were brilliant,” Zola added.

“They were following everything, but then as the weeks passed due to the repetition and the amount of games they were playing, the players got tired and they also got bored in a way.

“But boring is part of our job. Sometimes you need to get bored but when you get bored you persist in what you’re doing and you get better.

“I remember that when I was learning to play football, kicking a ball for example, I used to do it 300-400 times a day at least.

“There were moments when I got tired but I needed to do it repeatedly because if I wanted it to become a part of me, this was the process I needed to go through.”

Do you think Sarri’s headaching training methods made Hazard want to leave the club even more?

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