Zola points out Chelsea mistakes after painful exit

Gianfranco Zola has said that Maurizio Sarri should not have been let go of from his Chelsea post as manager.

He also said his own exit was quite painful.

Zola told talkSPORT: “Obviously it’s painful because you’re in a place where you like to be and it means a lot to you.

“Of course, it’s always painful, but we have to be professional and I think Chelsea are looking forward, they made other choices and I respect them, I have no problem with that.”

Asked if would have liked to have stayed at Chelsea, the Italian added: “Yes, very much.

“I think the best of Maurizio’s work comes not in the first year but more from the second year onwards.

“Looking at the way he works, it takes a little bit of time to put in place what he wants to do and also he is very demanding on the players.

“But, after the players get used to it, they get better and better and the work becomes more effective.

“It’s a pity, because I think it would have been good for the club if Maurizio stayed and it would have been good for Maurizio as well.”

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