Footballing legend Zinedine Zidane wants to be Chelsea’s manager. However, he does have a couple of demands from the club. Firstly, the club should keep Eden Hazard and secondly, Chelsea should give him a £200 million transfer budget.

Chelsea’s performances have suffered a serious dip lately. They were whipped in their last two away games in the Premier League. Chelsea lost 4-0 to Bournemouth before losing 6-0 to Manchester City. As a result, the Blues are now 6th in the Premier League table.

Current manager Maurizio Sarri’s job is in jeopardy and Chelsea are already looking for replacements. There were reports that Zidane was a favorite to become Chelsea’s manager. Zidane had enormous success during his three-year spell at Real Madrid. Hence, he might be the ideal replacement for Sarri and the kind of manager Chelsea needs at this very moment.

Zizou’s demands are pretty reasonable as Chelsea do need Hazard and some new reinforcements to become a serious contender for Premier League and European competition.

By bringing in Zidane, Chelsea may convince Hazard to stay and sign a new contract at the club. During May, Hazard said that he wanted to play under Zidane at Real Madrid. However, he also said last month that his career is not dependent on Zidane.

However, there’s still no telling whether Chelsea will sack Sarri or not because if somehow Sarri manages to seal a Champions League berth next season, he won’t lose his job. Recent reports stated that Chelsea won’t fire Sarri as long as he manages to seal a Champions League berth next season.



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