Zenden says Holland unhappy with Chelsea game refereeing

Former Chelsea midfielder Bolo Zenden has said that everyone in Holland is unhappy with the referee after the Chelsea Ajax game!

Speaking to talkSPORT’s Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, Zenden said: “In Holland, where most the people are for Ajax, they’re all complaining about the referee and that Chelsea were given an opportunity to come back into the game.

“In all fairness, Chelsea did well after Ajax went down by two men.

“But if Blind is on a yellow card why take the risk of getting a second yellow? The second yellow for Veltman is a bit harsh; you are already getting a penalty so why also send him off. That was a bit harsh.

“But other than that, Chelsea fought their way back into the game.”

He added: “It should have made the game more honest, but – and this is also in Holland – the decisions at times take too long, and the players are afraid of celebrating because they are not sure.

“It’s not going the right way, and we have to try and make it more honest, like the goal line technology when it’s ‘is it in or is it not?’

“Sometimes with the VAR we see the dots and lines [for offsides] are not even straight! I mean, come on… how hard can it be with today’s technology?”

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