Youth Chief Determined To Make Chelsea Best In The World

Chelsea head of youth development Neil Bath is determined to make Chelsea the best club in the world.

He admits that he has been working towards making Chelsea one of the best clubs in the next few campaigns. Chelsea has put money towards recruiting and scouting potential talents for the club – not only from Europe but over the world.

“The ultimate goal is always to get players to the first-team,” Bath said at the launch of Chelsea’s new training app Perfect Play, via Squawka.

“When we restructured the whole academy, we spoke about having this vision to have the best academy in the world and we were miles from it.

“But what we wanted to do was break that down, and therefore we started to set ourselves some targets, going ‘OK, how do we get the best seven, eight, nine, 10-year-olds in London and the south east? How do we get the best coaches?’

“Because if we’ve got the best talent, and we’ve got the best coaches, we’re going to make ground. If we win trophies along the way, that’s great, but ultimately, it’s about getting players into Frank’s team.”

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