Willian on what makes this season a success

Chelsea are in the finals of the Europa League and Wiilian has come to the conclusion that their season should be scaled based on the success in the final.

Willian said: “I know that it has not been my best season. It was OK, but it wasn’t top. I know I can play much better. Not only me, but the whole squad, it wasn’t our best season. We all know we can do better.

“But at the end we set some targets and we reached some of them. We reached the Carabao Cup Final, reached the third position in the Premier League and now we have the Europa League Final to play.

“If you see at the end and we win the trophy, then I think it’s been a good season. We have qualified for the Champions League and can win a European trophy which is a good season, even though we always want more.”

He added: “It’s a derby game, against Arsenal — who have a great team with great players, and we have to do everything possible to win. It’s always difficult to play against them. It will be a very difficult game and we have to do everything possible to win.

“Don’t worry, the motivation is high for us as well. This isn’t about the Champions League for us. We want to win another trophy, a European trophy. It’s going to be a very good game and we believe we can do it.”

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