Willian firing shots at Chelsea's lack of stability amidst contract talk breakdown

Chelsea has reached a complete halt in contract talks with Willian. 

The winger recently admitted he is seeking a 3-year extension while the club only agreed for two. As things stand to meltdown, Willian has now taken a shot at Chelsea with a clear underlying message of how the club stands to lose out from not having continuity.

“I think the secret [to Liverpool’s success] is continuity,” Willian told ESPN Brazil. “The coach has been with the club for almost five years. When you have continuity, you can win titles.

“They had a sequence of important victories, which shows the maturity of the team. You have to have time to get things done, and Liverpool has had a coach and a philosophy for a long time.

“The team is the same, it is only one or two players that change, the base is the same. At Manchester City too, Guardiola has been there for a long time, the philosophy is always the same.”

“Chelsea changes [managers] a lot,” he admitted. “In seven years, I have had five different coaches and philosophies.

“But even so, we won titles, because Chelsea always had that, it has always been like that and the club has continued to win titles. I think each club has a profile.”

Those are some serious words from Willian and while it is true we have lacked stability at Stamford Bridge, giving a 3-year contract to a 33-year-old is not exactly the policy in any top club in the world. 

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