Willian called out for his contract drama with Chelsea

Chelsea are famous for not handing out contracts over one year in length to players above 30.

John Terry did not get it, Didier Drogba did not get it, and it is the reason we lost Frank Lampard.

However, the Blues were willing to break the rule for Willian. The Brazilian, 32 and about to turn 33, has been important to the club and hence the Blues went against their policy in an effort to keep their star man.

However, Willian sensing vulnerability used the contract to his benefit and demanded a 3 year contract which led to a standstill and now will be running down his contract at the club and leave for free.

It is not seen in the best ethical sense for a player to do so to a club where he has spent 8 seasons. He has, however, not been called out for it amongst problems everywhere but Paul Merson is not one to have missed this trick.

He said, “Willian is very fortunate. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a brilliant player and I still think he’s one of Chelsea’s best players, there’s no question about that whatsoever, but I think he’s been fortunate in terms of getting away with the contract situation this season.”

“He’s let his contract run down and no one has said a dicky-bird about it. We have seen so many players get plenty of stick over running down their contract and leaving on a free. Normally everybody goes mad but with Willian, because he’s played so well, it’s gone under the radar.”

“He’s got no stick off the fans whatsoever and you have only got to look at the Christian Eriksen situation at Tottenham to know he’s been a bit fortunate with that.”

“But Willian is world class, and Chelsea have not got a lot of world-class players. Willian has been outstanding, he could play for Manchester City tomorrow. There will be teams queuing around the block to sign him. He’s a special player and for me, Chelsea have dropped one by letting it get to this situation.”

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