Why Luiz really left Chelsea

David Luiz’ Chelsea departure was as abrupt as it gets in football.

In modern day football at the highest level, transfers are common. What is also common is to rely on the media to release rumours of these possible transfers from day one itself. It usually becomes a mini drama series.

However, in case of Luiz, it seemed out of nowhere, reports emerged he is ready to leave Chelsea and join Arsenal. And boy did that happen fast! The Brazilian had moved teams in London and joined our rivals in a matter of days.

So why did it happen so fast? Well both Luiz and Lampard spoke of an amicable departure. And no bad blood has been spilled. However, many new reports are now revealing that the story is about how Luiz’s insubordination cost him his Chelsea career.

Luis is known for his long ball specialty, something Lampard did not want him using in so much abundance as he wanted to build from the back with short passes. Hence, after the second last pre-season match, where Luiz focused solely on playing long balls, Lampard made it clear to him that his Chelsea career was all but over.

And now, he is at Arsenal! I bet you did not see this as the reason.

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  1. Frankly speaking chelsea now playing more long balls compare to previous season ….. Thats my observation though


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