Why Lampard is lost for words

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard is still at a loss after what he saw last night.

When asked if this was his maddest night in football, Lampard said: “I don’t know. It’s hard to put it in perspective. It’s one to watch back. I had some mad nights over the years and some great nights but for everything that it was, the spectacle that it was, it’s certainly right up there.

“Today was just a mad one. I don’t think there’s too many I can even compare it to from my day,” he said.

“I know we had 4-4s with Liverpool and some crazy games, but the red cards and the VAR as well. The VAR is obviously a new animal and we’re getting used to that. I’m not the only manager who’s talking about it every week. I can’t give you any dissection [of those decisions] today because firstly I need to watch it back with a calm head and secondly when you’re on the sideline it’s very difficult to grasp it straight away.

“Take VAR out of it and the red card and what I think about is us, and the spirit that we showed.

“The character was something that I loved and I think our fans loved. We need to tighten up for sure but with that spirit we can go places.”

He said: “It’s tough. I think this group was always going to be quite tight because there was a feeling the teams could take points off each other. But we’re in it. We’ve certainly got a lot of work to do and we must focus on that.

“I felt today that we could have won the game. The performances we put on in Lille and in Ajax in terms of travelling in Europe which is always difficult to do, should give us confidence.”

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