Why Hazard needs to leave Chelsea

Eden Hazard has been the subject of a transfer speculation for well over three years now.

When Hazard first arrived at the club, he was this raw talent which many clubs fought over. Over the next seven seasons, Chelsea has seen the best and worst of Hazard.

However, given the quality of the Belgian, even on his bad days, he has won the Blues matches and on his best days, he has won us trophies.

Hazard cannot be replaced but he does need to leave Chelsea.

Firstly, for a player of Hazard’s stature, his career like any footballer’s will be short and hence he should make the best of it and play for a team who are already up their at the moment rather than Chelsea who are hovering around the top spot.

Next and more importantly for Chelsea, the Blues have become over reliant on the Belgian. The club has stopped scouting for serious talent and players around him have slacked off; all knowing and waiting for Hazard to deliver the goods.

Indeed the situation is so bad, that should Hazard not turn up on the pitch one day, the Blues would struggle to break down a Cardiff defence.

That is not how big clubs should operate and Hazard leaving might be an eye opener for the Pensioners on how much work needs to be seriously done by the club to stay at the top.

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