Why Chelsea appointing Lampard is unlike all other managerial changes at Stamford Bridge

Chelsea have made 14 managerial appointments in the last 14 years. The club have had their on field success, yes but on managerial fronts, things have been clearly unstable.

While the firing of some bosses were justified and undeniable, Chelea have clearly overdone it with some other people. Talented bosses were sacked and not supported by the Blues board when they needed time and backing.

This has led to the perception that Chelsea managers are always on the verge of a sack and from the moment their job starts, their countdown begins. While the fans have not always been happy and have created banners to show their protest of such treatment, they have never gone over the board and have always forgiven the club hierarchy.

However, no manager has been appointed in that time who have been loved to the death by the fans. Yes, there was Jose Mourinho but he had taken Chelsea to the verge of relegation and still the fans supported him and hated the club for sacking him. It only changed when Mourinho himself belittled Chelsea to gain popularity amongst the Manchester United faithful.

This can all change this time, if Chelsea appoint Frank Lampard.

Lampard for starters is an English manager and will have popularity and backing not only amongst the fans but also in the media and locals who will want to see one of their own succeed against other top European bosses.

The biggest factor however, is that Lampard is a Chelsea legend. He is the club’s highest scorer, he gave the club countless trophy nights including the unforgettable Champions League success at Munich in 2012.

He will loved to the death by Chelsea fans and the board will not be able to make their usual cold moves they are used to with other bosses. Lampard will need backing with his decisions and for the first time, the businessmen in the boardroom might be coerced to do so if they are to avoid the fans’ ire.

Lampard cannot be sacked and left out in the cold like they did with countless before as the club supporters will not take it and neither will the players who have grown up at Stamford Bridge or the workers who work there, Lampard is their cult hero.

He will demand respect and the Chelsea board for a change will have to shoulder responsibility instead of hiding in the shadows and blaming the manager as a scapegoat.

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