Why Bakayoko is set to return to Chelsea in the summer

Gattuso has never been a player who could handle situations calmly. It now seems his hot head has got into his way of management as well as he publicly condemned a player on loan from Chelsea with a pre-determined mindset from earlier this week to make the footballer pay.

Yes, the incident we are talking about is about how Gattuso slammed Bakayoko and publicly accused the player without bothering to harmonise things behind the scene first, ahh Gattuso.

Bakayoko has now countered Gattuso’s assessment of the incident in a tweet, saying: “It has been several weeks since I was spoken about in the press but I decided to say nothing and continue to work.

“What happened tonight and the interpretation people are trying to give to it compel me to react immediately, because I do not accept that I should be considered a player who refuses to enter the field when his coach asks him and who does not respect his club and his team-mates.

“I was ready to give 200 per cent even if I had to play only five minutes tonight. When Lucas started to suffer on the ground, I was asked to prepare myself in case there was a change. So I prepared myself immediately and went to warm up for 2/3 minutes maximum.

“Then I was asked to return to the bench. That all happened I think between the 23rd minute and the 26th.

“It’s when I sit on the bench that the coach speaks to me in unexpected terms and I only repeat his words. Nothing more.

“Let it be clear: I have never refused to come on to play and I do not get overheated. It seems to me that the images speak for themselves.

“I had only one desire, to enter the field and help my team-mates as I have always done and as I will do until the end of the season.”

The on loan midfielder found sympathy in AC Milan director Leonardo but it seems all but set that he will return to Chelsea because of Gattuso’s childish behaviour as a manager. As committed and loyal as Gattuso is, the middle aged man needs to grow up if he wants to be a professional manager, otherwise Sunday football is always there for him behave as he wishes.

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