Werner backed to succeed at Chelsea!

Former Leverkusen defender Roberto Hilbert has backed Timo Werner to succeed at Chelsea. 

“He is really fast!” Hilbert told Goal. “When I played against him I saw he was young and he wanted to earn respect against other players.

“Sometimes, he went too far but it was okay because he is a nice young guy. He had a good upbringing and he knows what respect is.

“Werner is a big, big talent. In Germany, he shocked everyone because he got so good so fast. Right now, it is a new day because the Premier League is a step up from the German Bundesliga.

“It will show what level he can reach for the rest of his career, especially in one of the biggest clubs at Chelsea.

“The expectation will be high because he cost a lot from Germany and he will have to pay back that money.

“The pressure will be on every day and it will be interesting to see if he can handle his pressure. I hope he can, I think he is a really really good young player.

“He is able to help the German team and change history there too.”

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