Tuchel - I can call Kovacic at 3 am and he'll start training

Thomas Tuchel is a man who is not easily impressed.

However, it would seem Mateo Kovacic has managed to do just that. Kovacic is known for his work rate and his hard work on the pitch. It seems to be something Tuchel is very impressed by.

The player had a brilliant game under Tuchel against Newcastle and Tuchel is now in love with the player’s attitude.

I love him,” Tuchel told the 5th Stand. “It is very easy. You can wake the guy up at 3am and he will be at Cobham at 3:15 ready to give everything, listen and play with full energy.

“You need to calm the guy down at training so he is not doing too much and he is super reliable, totally open and it is a pleasure to have him.”

Tuchel for his part has done really well at Chelsea.

He has been in charge for 6 games. In that time, he has won 5, and drawn the first one which he was in charge of after 1 day of training. Moreover, in a total of 6 games, he has only conceded one goal, that too an own goal.

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