Tuchel concerned with players leaving for IB

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has expressed his dissatisfaction at the upcoming international break.

Tuchel said: “I am absolutely worried because my target is to play Premier League, and if I have players in quarantine, I cannot build the group that we want. This is the risk and I am absolutely worried about this situation.

“But I am also sure that the club knows how to handle it, and if it maybe is the consequence that players cannot go, then this is the consequence.

“The situation is extraordinary, we have to adapt and we will do this as a club. We will take these decisions when the decisions are taken. We are very concerned about the situation.”

“Football is not the same, because we play for the fans, we play at the highest level for entertainment for our fans and for the supporters around the world. It gives you a certain edge, it gives you a certain energy that you cannot have in an empty stadium,” Tuchel said.

“Do we like it? No. Are we grateful that we can still play? Yes, absolutely, we are absolutely aware of that, but at the same time, you cannot compare.

“I cannot wait until our fans are back. It would be a pleasure if they feel the same energy that I feel on the sidelines. I think we can really get the crowd going and I cannot wait until everyone is there because this team has everything to entertain our supporters and hopefully as soon as possible.”

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