Tuchel - Chelsea youngsters will get their chance

Thomas Tuchel has promised everyone will be given a fair chance to prove themselves at Chelsea.

And it includes, Lampard’s favorite academy boys.

“It’s a crucial point and I am absolutely pleased about the quality of the academy,” Tuchel said ahead of facing Tottenham on Wednesday.

“The guys we have here are a pleasure to work with, because first of all they have the quality, but also they have the physical ability to play in the Premier League.

“I know how hard it is to play for Chelsea and compete for titles, but this is the challenge and I’m very pleased that all the Chelsea boys in the squad now take this challenge because it does something to your character and approach.

“It’s very important that we rely on them and trust them and don’t confuse them being inexperienced with a lack of quality. They will be given every chance to leave their footprints here.

“But in the end we have to accept it’s about quality and delivering in the moment. There are no gifts for nobody.”

The Blues will be hoping they continue to produce young talent to the first team but at the same time dont lose their competitive edge at the top.

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