Chelsea manager Tuchel accuses Newcastle of time-wasting

Newcastle tried to slow the game down and frustrate the Blues.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel accused Newcastle United of time-wasting after securing a 3-0 win. The Blues retained their top spot in the final week of this month. Chelsea manager spent some of the first half tapping his watch as the Magpies tried to slow the game down and frustrate the Blues.

It was a ploy that worked for two-thirds of the game but Tuchel’s side made the breakthrough after the hour mark.

Tuchel said: “There were many interruptions in the game and they were delaying the game. If you are the team relied on for the intensity it is not easy.

“We relied on a good structure. We worked on counter-pressing because then you can increase the risk around the box and we relied on the counter-pressing to protect us from counter-attacks.”

“This was good in the first half, then we brought more bodies to the box and increased the risk in the second half.”

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