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The top 5 strikers Chelsea could sign this summer 2019

Top five strikers Chelsea could sign this summer? Top 5 forwards Chelsea should sign next season? Who will Chelsea sign this summer? Here we will look at the strikers Chelsea could sign this summer.

It’s no secret that new Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata struggled last season and was duly loaned out. Morata only scored 9 goals in total before leaving in January. And even though he had injury problems, it looks as if Chelsea may need to sign another striker for Maurizio Sarri this season because Higuain is  only a temporary solution.

Who will Chelsea sign this summer 2019?

Which players will chelsea sign this summer? Chelsea signed Olivier Giroud from Arsenal in January in 2018 as a result of Morata’s struggles. And although the French striker has done well, Chelsea should not rely on Giroud and Higuain as our main strikers next season. It will mean that Chelsea will need to sign another striker. This is especially important now that Chelsea have a new head coach who wants to attack.

New head coach Maurizio Sarri – Chelsea striker targets

Top Five strikers Chelsea could sign this summer in 2018 Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri usually likes to play fast and agile strikers to lead the line. This could mean Olivier Giroud or Morata may not gel well with Sarri’s system even next season. It remains to be seen whether or not Michy Batshuayi could lead the line also after his short but successful (aside from injury) loan spell at Borussia Dortmund but dismal display at Valencia.

So far, Juventus striker Higuain is at Chelsea but he is only a loan move.

Top 5 strikers Chelsea could sign this summer

Although it’s harsh to blame last season on Morata, his lack of goals surely didn’t help. In-fact, former head coach Conte said as much when he admitted that it’s hard to compete when you have a striker who doesnt score enough.

Conte had said:”If your best scorer has only 12 goals, it is difficult to fight for something important.”

Now that Maurizio Sarri is in charge, Chelsea could look to back the coach to bring them back into the top four with a new striker.

So here we will look at the Top five strikers Chelsea could sign this summer.

5. Andrea Belotti – Torino

Strikers Chelsea could sign this summer Andrea Belotti

Chelsea could sign Torino striker Andrea Belotti this summer. The Italian striker scored ten goals last season in 32 appearances. While that may not sound like much, remember he plays for Torino. Additionally, Belotti scored 26 goals in the Serie A in 2016/17, finishing as the third-highest goalscorer. He is in good form this season as well.

So he’s more than capable of leading the line for Chelsea. Furthermore, Belotti is only 25-years-old. When you compare that with Morata who is 26, and has never scored more than 20 goals in a season, you start to see why we need him.

Although, he won’t come cheap.

Torino have a buy-out clause of £88.4 million for Belotti which has put many teams off from signing him. This will mean Chelsea will have to pay big money to sign him.

4. Edin Dzeko – Roma

Edin Dzeko Roma strikers Chelsea could sign this summer 2018/19

Edin Dzeko is one of the strikers Chelsea could sign this summer. Chelsea have a habit of signing players that play well against them. Just ask Mohamed Salah.

Dzeko was incredible when Roma beat Chelsea 3-0 in the Champions League last season. He scored a stunning volley which ended Chelsea’s hopes against them. Furthermore, Dzeko fits Chelsea’s profile of what they look for in a striker. He’s a big and strong target man who can hold up the ball. This is what Chelsea were lacking in a striker last season up until Giroud arrived.

Although with Maurizio Sarri now in charge, Dzeko may not be very high up on their transfer targets list- given that Sarri likes fast and mobile attackers.

While Dzeko may be 33-years-old, Chelsea could still use him for a couple more seasons though. They have proved that their willing to break their normal policy of not signing players over 30-years-old by signing Giroud and Higuain on loan. Chelsea also tried to sign Dzeko in January 2018 but couldn’t land him, which meant they signed Giroud instead.

Dzeko scored 16 goals in the Serie A last season and is on form this season as well. And he has proven that age hasn’t affected him by playing 36 matches in the Serie A last season. The season prior, Dzeko won the golden boot award in the Serie A with a stunning tally of 29 goals.

3. Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich

strikers Chelsea could sign this summer Robert Lewandowski

Okay so this one may be a bit unrealistic but there’s still a slight chance Chelsea could sign him. Robert Lewandowski is one of the best strikers in the world right now.

Last season, Lewandowski was the leading goal scorer of the Bundesliga with 29 goals. The Polish centre-forward is actually the leading goal scorer of the last few seasons in the Bundesliga.

Lewandowski fits Chelsea’s profile of what they look for in a striker. He’s big, strong and can hold up the ball- much like Drogba and Costa. However, Lewandowski may not suit “Sarri ball” at Chelsea.

But there are rumors that Lewandowski has not been totally happy at Bayern Munich in the past. But it still looks like an unrealistic possibility. Chelsea would have to pay over £100 million to sign him and given Chelsea’s miserly spending recently, it’s doubtful they will pay that much.

2. Edinson Cavani – PSG

Edinson Cavani PSG strikers Chelsea could sign this summer

Chelsea actually have a good chance of signing PSG striker Edinson Cavani this summer. Cavani has been rumored to be unhappy at PSG since Neymar arrived. There was that incident earlier last season when Cavani wanted to take the penalty but Neymar took it off him. An argument ensued and it’s said that the pair do not get along.

In-fact, Cavani recently admitted his bad relationship with Neymar.

Speaking to French media company RMC Sport, Cavani said: “It is true that there was a problem at that time with Neymar. “We spoke about it together – I told him that I was the first to want him to win things individually.

“However, I told him there was a condition and that was that he must put the squad’s collective objectives first.”

Cavani is yet another old striker though, at 32-years-old.

But Cavani is a different class to Giroud and he would be a huge signing if Chelsea got him. The Blues need to make a statement signing this summer after a bad season. Cavani could make the difference.

The PSG striker scored 28 goals in the Ligue 1 last season. He is way ahead in the golden boot race and has effectively already won it. The second highest goal scorer in the Ligue 1 was Florian Thauvin with 22 goals.

1. Mauro Icardi – Inter Milan

Strikers Chelsea could sign this summer- Mauro Icardi Inter Milan

Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi is number one on our strikers Chelsea could sign this summer list. While it’s a big ask, and Chelsea would have to pay big, we could potentially sign him.

Mauro Icardi has not had the best relationship with some of the ‘ultra’ Inter Milan fans. There were some instances last season where they even booed him. While all that seems to be ironed out, Chelsea could still try sign him.

The 26-year-old fits in with Chelsea’s policy of signing young players. While he also scores a lot of goals.

Icardi scored 29 goals in 34 appearances in the Serie A last season which was the joint-highest goal tally for any Serie A player. While the season before in 2016/17, he scored 24 goals. This shows he’s a consistent goal machine which is something Chelsea have been missing since Diego Costa left.

Icardi’s current buy-out clause is over £100 million though which could put Chelsea off. But if The Blues really want to be a top side challenging for the Champions league again then they should pay it.

Chelsea’s current striker situation:

The Blues are in a tight spot. Their record signing striker is out on loan. Their main striker is over 30 on loan at the club. Their backup striker is also over 30. Their young strikers are out on loan but have failed to prove their worth. Also, they have been slapped with a a transfer ban. Things are not looking rosy for the Blues.

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  1. Chelsea should sign Icardi as a main striker
    Price doesn’t matter if it paysoff
    He is strong and can hold up the ball as Drogba does. Thats why Real tries to get him though he is expensive.


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