Tomori Explains Why He Turned Down West Ham Loan Offer

Blues defender Fiyako Tomori has told why he rejected the West Ham loan offer at the last minute.

Tomori was all set to move to West Ham for a season long loan, when at the last minute he rejected their offer and decided to stay.

The reason behind it was that he wanted to stay back at Chelsea and earn his spot as a regular in the starting eleven. Staying at Chelsea would also help him to get more experience under Frank Lampard and this decision, according to Tomori, was taken after a lot of thought to it.

“I had a plan going into this season going off the back of last season,” he told the Chelsea Mike’d Up podcast. “Obviously, in football, things change so quickly so I wanted to make sure whatever decision I made was really thought out and to try and do what’s best for me.

“I made the decision in the end to stay, to improve more, get some more games, gain some more experience and try and get to the levels I was at last season.”

He added: “I wanted everything to be thought out and I thought about what was happening, especially when we had a few weeks off leading up to the new season.

“I was talking a lot with my agent, to get some clarity what was going on. With transfers I prefer if it wasn’t last minute, but situations happen where you have to take a decision quickly.

“It was one of those situations and, as you all know, I made a decision to stay.”

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