Timo Werner Needs Time To Adapt - Lampard Defends His Position

Frank Lampard defended Timo Werner’s positioning in the midst of poor form.

Werner has collected only 9 goals in 25 games, even going a stretch of 12 games without scoring.

Playing him out on the left flank has drawn in criticism but Lampard thinks that is unjustified.

“With Timo through the middle, is clearly a position he likes to start from,” Lampard told a press conference. “With Leipzig and Germany, he played centrally, from the left, as a lone striker, and as one of two strikers. So there is definitely room for manoeuvre in how you use Timo.

“We are, and I pride myself on this as a manager, a good, hard-working team off the ball which means a lot of high pressure.

“And it’s very normal for Timo and the other forward players who have come in that it will take some time to get used to my ideas and their team-mates’ ideas.

“We haven’t had time on the training pitch for that. That can only be done at full pace in training, to work on the high press. That’s why the last two weeks have been really useful.

“I think his performances have been pretty good and I think they will get better the more he works with his team-mates.

“I think it’s going slightly unspoken that a lot of players, unless they are at a club like Chelsea, are given time to come into the team, come out of the team, feel their way in.

“Players who have come into the Liverpool team in recent years have been given time to feel their way into how the team plays.

“With Timo, we didn’t have that opportunity because of certain injuries and because we bought him to make an impact in our first team straight away. Everyone has to be patient, though. We will maximise Timo’s talents in this team. And that’s a two way street of his work and our work. It will take time.”

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