Timo Werner Does Not Mind Getting Screamed At By Chelsea Boss

Timo Werner’s time at Chelsea has not been easy up till now.

The Blues spent heavy to acquire him but he is yet to replicate the form he showed earlier in Germany.

Thomas Tuchel is a lively presence on the touchlines and is mostly seen screaming at his players. “It’s no problem for me when he screams at us on the pitch,” the 25-year-old told Match of the Day magazine.

“I need a manager who screams at me. It gives me more power. I had the same at Leipzig – I’ve always had managers who have shouted rom the sidelines and pushed me on.”

He added, “I understand every word he says and I think he understand every word when I talk to him, which makes it very easy for me. In German, I’m very good – German is a good language for me.”

“When you don’t score as a striker, it’s always tough,” he continued. “I want to help the team and I want to score, because that’s my nature – I’m a striker. Winning games is the most important thing, but after that, it’s scoring.”

Werner has scored just twice since November, summing up his struggles in England.

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