Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel pays tribute to captain Cesar Azpilicueta

Azpilicueta captained Chelsea for the 200th time in the Premier League.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has paid tribute to captain Cesar Azpilicueta after his 200th game as the skipper.

Azpi skippered the Blues for the 200th time in the Premier League in Thursday’s draw with Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Tuchel said, “Azpi is an example to everyone at the football club and he has such a huge influence here.

“An owner or a CEO of an old club once told me that you should take the mentality of your best players and your captain. This team has had the mentality of Azpi for years now.

“I’m so happy that a humble, nice, friendly person who is not the most talented player in the world – and I mean that respectfully – can lead a club like Chelsea to all titles that you can possibly win.

“This is a perfect story and it is so nice to watch it unfold. Azpi is this guy, totally, because he is nice, he is humble, he is friendly. He is a family-orientated person and he is so, so hardworking.

“He has this mentality of a real fighter for his team-mates and for the badge but also of this water-carrier who is always ready to help anybody out.

“This is huge for the team and he’s had this influence as captain of this team now for many years and there are no words for what Azpi gives us. He is simply exceptional.”

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