Thomas Tuchel insists Chelsea's defence can't rely on Rudiger

Thomas Tuchel says it means nothing that Rudiger performs well if the team concedes goals.

Chelsea boss Tuchel snaps over Rudiger’s question and admits that the club won’t rely on him.

Tuchel’s side was thrashed by Arsenal 4-2 at home on Wednesday night. Blues have now conceded eight goals in their last three Premier League matches and it was their third home defeat of the season.

Thomas Tuchel says it means nothing that Rudiger performs well if the team concedes goals.

Asked about Rudiger’s performance, Thomas Tuchel said: “We conceded seven goals with Toni against Brentford and Real Madrid, that answers the question.

“It’s not about individual players. A defensive performance is a team performance, and an offensive performance is a team performance. You need to have the tactics right, which is doubtful I had this right, and you need the team selection right, again it’s doubtful I had this right.

“Then it’s a game for the players. They get full praise when they do it when they did it for the last three matches.

“And they have to face the reality that it’s impossible to win matches if you make this amount of mistakes of this calibre. It’s simply impossible. I don’t see it in any other matches, but I see it now in consecutive matches of our games, and it has to stop.”

When pressed on why his team have been conceding so many goals, Thomas Tuchel replied: “Look at the penalty, and it is an unbelievable goal from our ball possession.

“There are no tactics behind that. We have three ball losses in ten seconds. Then we do a foul where there’s not even the slightest danger. We foul a person, it is a penalty, and we rob ourselves of six minutes for an equaliser. What is there to analyse? There’s nothing to analyse.

“It must be something, but it is also possible to don’t do it because we proved it in the last three matches, and we thought we learned our lesson from Brentford and Real Madrid but obviously not.”

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