Thomas Tuchel could force an exit this summer

Thomas Tuchel could also follow an exit with several of his players.

The uncertainty over the Chelsea takeover has played a part in the performance of the players.

Roman Abramovich’s assets were blocked and finances stopped flowing within the club putting several jobs at risk.

Chelsea’s special operating license expires on 31st May and many claim the sale was sanctioned in the danger of collapsing.

Players like Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen will leave Chelsea in the summer and pundit Chris Sutton believes Tuchel could follow the same suit.

“They are in a mess. There was an article tonight which suggested that the takeover could be in doubt, which would rather sum up where Chelsea are at the moment,” said Sutton.

“You saw the Christensen thing at the weekend, which was slightly baffling. Rudiger is off, I’m not so sure Thomas Tuchel will be there.

“They are a club which are in a real mess this season. I worry for Chelsea.

“I’m really not sure Thomas Tuchel will be there next season. I’m not.

“Everything is up in the air. The uncertainty over the takeover, players wanting out.”


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