Thomas Tuchel blasts at reporter over Roman Abramovich questions

Thomas Tuchel asks journalists to stop asking him about the club’s owner.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has decided to hand over the stewardship and care to Chelsea’s charitable foundation.

It is also rumoured that Abramovich has decided to offload Chelsea and is currently looking for a potential buyer.

Abramovich said: “I have always taken decisions with the club’s best interest at heart. I remain committed to these values.

“That is why I am today giving trustees of Chelsea’s charitable Foundation the stewardship and care of Chelsea FC.

“I believe that currently they are in the best position to look after the interests of the club, players, staff, and fans.”

Tuchel was furious when he was constantly asked about the club’s owner.

“Listen, listen, listen you have to stop, I’m not a politician,” Tuchel told a reporter (via the Daily Mail).

“You have to stop, honestly, I can only repeat it and I feel bad to repeat it because I’ve never experienced war.

“So even to talk about it I feel bad because I’m very privileged – I sit here in peace. I do the best I can but you have to stop asking me these questions because I have no answers for you.”


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