Thomas Tuchel blames VAR for FA Cup final defeat

Thomas Tuchel criticised VAR for FA Cup final loss.

The German coach was left frustrated after VAR allowed Youri Tielemans’ goal which appeared to deflect off Perez’s leg onto his arm to stand.

The Blues were also denied a late equaliser by former Leicester player Ben Chilwell for offside after a VAR review.

Thomas Tuchel claims he doesn’t know when it’s a handball or not.


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“The players said straight away it was a handball,” said Tuchel. “So now for the second game in a row there was a handball against us, and VAR is not interfering.

“Against Arsenal there was one on the line, and again today, and they are very decisive. I’m not an expert in handball any more, I don’t know when it’s handball or not. I don’t know any more when they need to punish it or it’s OK to play with the hand.

“We were unlucky today. But there’s never any guarantee you’ll end up with a trophy. I think we would have deserved to win but we have to accept defeat.”


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  1. VAR has to be sorted out, it is causing too many problems. A hand ball was given against Tiago Silver but not against the Leicester player, the referee has to be consistent and not favour a team. I don’t think any player deliberately does handball. The rule should be the same for all whether deliberate or not. Handball is handball and the ref should call it and the punishment should be the same for all players. Premier League football is getting too complicated and not enjoyable to watch anymore


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