Thiago Silva's agent reveals why the Brazilian chose Chelsea

Thiago Silva joined Chelsea on a free transfer last week.

His agent has revealed that the 35-year-old experienced defender had a lot of offer on his hands but chose Chelsea.

‘He is on holiday in Italy, he will be in London between now and the end of the week,’ Paulo Tonietto told L’Equipe. ‘He is happy to discover the Premier League. We had a lot of offers, but Chelsea are one of the world’s top 10 clubs. ‘Physically, Thiago can play for another 5 or 6 years at the highest level. He is an athlete who looks after himself. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t party. His life is home-work, work – home.’

His agent had earlier revealed that the player had turned down a last-minute offer from the club in Paris. 

He told L’Equipe: “He [Silva] had given up hope [of signing a new deal] because Leonardo told him two months ago that he did not want to extend it. But last Tuesday, Leonardo called Thiago and raised the possibility that he would stay another year. “Thiago had already reached an agreement with Chelsea, there was no turning back. When you make such a proposal, you have to be convinced. “An athletic director who tells a player he doesn’t want him anymore, and two months later wants to extend it, how do you take that? “In a club, the athletic director and the coach have to walk together. This was not the case. Tuchel always wanted to keep Thiago. The one who didn’t want to is Leonardo, and he’s the one with the power

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