Thiago Silva Making Chelsea Better From Within

Thiago Silva has had a huge impact on his Chelsea teammates already.

Ben Chilwell and Kurt Zouma outlined just how positive the veteran’s addition has been to the team despite him coming in less than a month ago.

Zouma has partnered Silva in the Blues backline and noticed some key differences. He said, “You can see straightaway, as soon as he [Thiago Silva] walked through the door at Cobham, he gives advice to the players around him, he’s really good with people and you can definitely see he has very good leadership skills.

“Everyone has welcomed Thiago into the group and we are all happy he’s with us at Chelsea.

“I’m very excited to work with Thiago, but I don’t think I’m the only one, a lot of the guys here at Chelsea feel exactly the same. We are all excited to play with him and to learn from him.

“He’s got great experience at the highest level, he’s won a lot of titles and last season he played in the Champions League final.

“For me, he’s got everything. He’s calm on the ball, he can defend very well, his positioning is great. I’m very happy he’s here and excited to learn from him.”

Zouma added, “He doesn’t speak English that well just yet but he speaks French, so I can help him with that and so can a few other boys.”

Chilwell does not speak the same language as Silva but has noticed what kind of a leader he is in the dressing room. He said. “Ever since he came in the building, when he is in the room he has a presence about him, and he makes everyone want to do well and standards will never slip, which they shouldn’t anyway,” the left-back added.

“He demands quality and assures the whole team around him so it is great to have him in there with us, and he talks throughout the whole game.”

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